Wooden elements

We offer pressure-impregnated third-class pine slats.

The slats are used in agriculture as a pad under pots, under bags with soil in order to better drain the material. Using the slats also allows for better air circulation.
This method has been used in Western Europe for many years.




The agent used in the impregnation process is neutral to the environment, therefore it can be successfully used in agriculture. A proper thickness of the slat allows you to use it for many years on foil-free and foil beds as well as on agrotextiles.










The slats are also used as a material for supporting seedlings and fruit.








Wooden materials we offer have a wide range of application.









Standard dimensions (mm) are:

25 x 40 x 300
25 x 40 x 600
25 x 40 x 800
25 x 40 x 1500






We can also customize the dimensions at the customer’s request.
These slats are also used in construction (building battens) and in horticulture for the production of various garden boxes.

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