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We have the best solutions to support the cultivation of soft fruit

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By using our products, you are guaranteed high quality and you can help your crops.

About us

Our main business profile is comprehensive service for companies and farms producing soft fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, vines).

Our strengths


Caring about the best quality of materials and after analyzing the market supply, we can offer products made exclusively of good quality materials that will meet your expectations for many years.


Our vast experience is certainly an advantage for our clients who are offered top-quality products that have been proven by many farms for a long period of time: for the production of soft fruit


State-of-the-art solutions

Our company focuses on modern solutions in the production of soft fruit.
Modern – innovative projects are our priority


Based on our many years of experience, we would like to emphasize our professionalism in servicing agricultural and horticultural farms, which is also reflected in our offering of professional consultancy.

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